IErin Headshot (6 of 6) am passionate about people. All my life I have been fascinated by life, all parts of it. At four, I accidently stumbled into the birth of my godmother’s third child (It was a homebirth and we (the children) were supposed to be outside, when we ran into the house and went sliding into the room on the hardwood floors), and that moment changed me deeply. After my first pregnancy and birth, I became deeply involved in the birth community in Albuquerque. I looked for ways to support families through their transition and early parenthood, volunteering to take meals, help with errands and childcare, and sharing the many resources that I had found during my own postpartum time. I realized how much I loved supporting mothers, fathers, partners and children during this crazy magical time in their lives.

I began working as a doula and birth photographer in summer 2015 and trained through CAPPA in 2016. I have been an active hobbyist photographer since 2003, when I took a film class and fell in love with lifestyle photography. In spring 2015, I decided that I wanted to step into a new photography role and document the stories of families’ transition into adding a new family member. Life has taught me that there are many ways to make and be a family and that they are all beautiful. It is a deep honor to document these stories for families.

I grew up in Santa Fe and learned so much during my first years working as a doula in such a wonderful and supportive place as New Mexico. I am excited to relocated to the Denver Colorado area and support families during this transition in a new environment.

In addition to my work, I enjoy playing and learning alongside my three beautiful children, cooking, exploring and enjoying the many wonderful people who bless my life.


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