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In today’s digital world, everyone is sharing in our stories. We’re lucky to be able to laugh, cry and grow alongside each other. This only becomes more exquisite (earnest, impassioned) when you welcome a new arrival into your family. But when you’re always behind the cameras, something…someone is missing. Put yourself back at the center and allow me to document your moments and your story as your Albuquerque birth photographer.

I might be a perfect fit for birth photography if…

  • You feel birth is a transformative moment you want to be able to remember visually
  • You want pictures of you child’s very first breath
  • You want to share the special memories of your transition into parenthood with those close to you without having to have them in the delivery room with you

I might be a perfect fit for family pictures if…

  • It’s important to you to document both traditions and transitions, like first birthdays or cutting down a Christmas tree together
  • You want candid, fun pictures in a natural, non-studio setting
  • You enjoy being present and being a part of the process

I have a special place in my heart for clients who…

  • Dance to the beat of their own drum
  • Value beautiful images of their family to mark the seasons of their lives
  • Love sharing beautiful images of life with their families

I offer:

  • Maternity Sessions: At client’s home or on location. Of the pregnant person both alone and/or  with partners/family as desired. Creating a story of the celebration of growth and beauty accentuated by burgeoning pregnant bellies
  • Birth Stories: Pictures during active labor through delivery and firsts after birth (Skin to skin, first latch, meeting siblings/family if timing permits)
  • Fresh 48: Family pictures taken at home within the first 48 hours of life. Pictures of all the tiny details of newborns and the family settling into their new life routines
  • Milestones: 4-5 sessions during the 1st year documenting firsts. Scheduled as needed. Rolling, crawling, pulling up/cruising, walking and first birthday. Showing just how far they come during their first year of life.
  • Moments: Family sessions of 2-5 people in your home (lifestyle) or on location.

Ask about special packages for doula clients, homebirths and adoption stories!

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Birth Story Basic
A free no-obligation consultation to view portfolio and answer any questions
24/7 on-call time beginning 2 weeks before your due date
Documentary style photography of your labor from active labor/ established labor until 1 hour after birth
Online gallery of images within 3 weeks of birth
Birth Story Plus
Everything in the basic package, plus,
Maternity Package
Soft Cover Gift album (30-pages)
A consultation via email or phone regarding specifics of shoot
1 hour session at location (either in home lifestyle or outdoors)
Online gallery available within 2 weeks
includes 10-15 edited images
Fresh 48
A consultation via email or phone regarding specifics of shoot
Guaranteed availability within 48 beginning 2 weeks before your due date
1-2 hour session occurring either in-home lifestyle or at the hospital
Online gallery available within 2 weeks
includes 10-15 edited images