A Doula is a trained professional who provides physical, emotional, mental and informational support to families from conception through the first few months after the baby arrives. Doula’s provide unbiased, zero judgement information and support to help you get what you want for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time.

What does that support actually look like? It is a wide range of support services from information and emotional support while preparing for the birth process, physical support like gentle massage and emotional support often encouragement and reassurance during labor, to referrals to other providers in the area to help with any needs as they arise postpartum, for example chiropractic care specializing in postpartum issues, lactation consultant for breastfeeding questions, resources for coordinating community support.

A Birth Doula

  • understands the physiology of birth and emotional needs of a person in labor
  • Assists families during pregnancy with preparations for the birth via phone calls, email’s and in-home prenatal vists
  • Provides emotional support and unconditional during early labor
  • Joins parents during labor when the parents choose to have them present and stays until after the birth
  • Provides physical comfort measures and support during labor
  • Provides postpartum care during the first precious hours of transition after the baby is born

A Postpartum Doula

  • Available to answer any questions regarding recovery from delivery, what’s ‘normal’ and help determining if it’s time to check in with your provider
  • Help with household duties that can help ease your mind while you take much deserved time to rest and recovery.
  • Offer an ear to listen and hear your birth story so that you can have space to process anything that is coming up for you
  • Offer non-judgemental support while transitioning to parenting and a new family dynamic.


Basic Package
a Free, no obligation phone call or face-to-face consultation
2 pre-birth meetings to discuss your birth plans
Unlimited phone and email support beginning at contract signing
24/7 on-call time beginning 2 weeks before your due date
Continuous labor support at your home, or birthing location the entire legnth of your labor
1 postpartum Visit to process your birth and check in on any concerns
Unlimited phone and email support during the first six weeks postpartum
Birth Story Package
everything in basic package, plus:
professional documentary style photographs taken during labor as time allows
professional documentary photographs immediately following the birth of baby's firsts.