Birth Photography

“My first birth didn’t go as planned and it took me a long time to process and accept my experience. Having photos of my daughter’s birth would have helped me heal tremendously. Therefore, I approached my second birth differently. I knew I wanted a birth photographer to capture the story as it unfolded, so that afterwards I could process the experience and also see this huge event in my life from a different perspective. Instead of only experiencing the event from an inward position, I wanted to bear witness to my own birth story; see the love, the pain, the intensity, and the joy of this birth. I also wanted some powerful photos for future reflection when I may need some encouragement or a reminder of the great physical strength and courage that I am capable of, despite feeling scared or vulnerable. Not only did I want the experience to be captured for my own personal growth and to keep an important memory vivid over the years, but I wanted my child to one day experience his own birth through photos. I also hoped to inspire future mothers of what they too are capable of and to demonstrate, through photos, the power and beauty that is birth.” – M. Moon

“Erin does such a great job of quietly and respectfully blending into the scenery that I didn’t even notice her snapping away as we were giving birth! She took some of the most amazing photographs that I have ever seen of a birth. Erin is fast with her camera and very contemplative with each shot, ensuring the modesty of the mother (as she so desires) as well as also capturing the real, raw beauty of birth. Erin did such an amazing job of capturing the humor, fierceness, and teamwork also present at our birth. I will cherish these photos for always!” -Kelly


Birth Doula

“Erin was amazing! She was always easy to get ahold of in the weeks and days leading up to my EDD. She came to the hospital tour with my husband and me. When I had to be induced, we had to change my birth plan and she had plenty of alternate ideas to do during labor. She got my husband involved and showed him how to help me during labor. When i was ready to give up and wanted drugs, she tried everything to talk me out of it. She stayed with us for a while after baby was born, and has checked on me several times since having my baby! She is totally amazing!! I would love to have her as my Doula with out next baby!!” -D. Hardy

“I contacted Erin in the eighth month of my pregnancy, as part of interviewing multiple local doulas. As a single mom pursuing a home birth, I had a wonderful circle of friends and had arranged a thorough network of care, but wanted someone to provide specifically focused support through those last physically challenging weeks of pregnancy, the extraordinary experience of giving birth, and the unpredictable challenges of postpartum care. More specifically, I wanted someone whose focus was this support, who would not be overwhelmed the way a friend or partner might be, and who I would not be worried about.

I knew Erin was a fit in our first conversation, and found that she provided the final missing piece, both professionally and comprehensively covering such needs as emotional encouragement, some information provision, birthing class attendance, food and supply runs, stunning photography, and new mom support. Her presence during the birth was so focused and valuable that I didn’t feel the need to bring friends in, and was able to have the simple, private, at-home experience I had imagined. Looking back, even this early on, I feel immense gratitude, and can’t imagine this experience without her.” -DS

“Wonderful! I had a very very long labor and Erin supported me and my husband the whole time. Even when it required her to watch cat videos on YouTube to entertain our two year old : ) If we have another baby she’s my first phone call.” -R. Pedilla

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